US Marshals Patrol in a Helicopter | GTA 5 LSPDFR Episode 509

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In this episode of LSPDFR, we will be patrolling as the US Marshal Service. We will begin our patrol in the Vanilla Buzzard Little Bird Helicopter. We have a partner with Ultimate Backup.
This episode is subscriber requested by Jacks_Law.

0:00 Intro
1:35 Active Shooter
5:40 High Risk Arrest Warrant
7:40 Wanted Person
12:05 Air Support Requested

We begin our patrol with a call for an Active Shooter. We fly our helicopter over to the last known location. We land on an overlook and take down the suspect with our rifle. We then move in and call for EMS. Next up we respond to a High Risk Arrest Warrant. We land our helicopter behind the store, the suspect is near. When we move around to the front, we are unable to locate the suspect. Next up we respond to another Arrest Warrant. This one is a Male named Aleksandr Rusako. He is wanted for Bribery. We locate the suspect near the train tracks and we land our chopper. We move in on the suspect with weapons drawn. The suspect surrenders without a fight. The final call is for Air Support Requested. We must track down two vehicles and follow them, until ground units can stop them.
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