summer rain // a short film

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a short film about the interconnectedness between cycles of creativity, emotional cycles and the cycles of nature. An exploration into how we are all cyclic beings, with those same cyclic patterns being reflected in mother earth. A testament to how we are the same being.
"summer rain" is an ode to the concept of breaking down in order to build yourself back up. It outlines that in nature, destruction is necessary for the birth of new life and thus in one's creative and emotional lives, there is a layer of release that is required in order to start anew.

Filmed & directed by moi with those moving dancing shots filmed by Myles. Thank you to River (@_boss.man_) for being my model for the rain shots.

I shot this all on the wrong setting, using my gimbal (which I didn't know how to use) for the first time running in the rain lol but I am so proud of how it turned out. I can't wait to continue creating this kind of content & more :)

The film contains two short poems adapted from my book "Chrysalis".

FAWN by Freya Haley

clovers to carry
the soft, sleeping belly of a wounded child
i am cradled.
like fawn beneath fox
She collects death to gain
tears to sublime rain
watering her roots who once nourished me
feed from my flesh
so i'm reborn again

Summer Rain i by Freya Haley

droplets on the feathered outlines
of eucalyptus leaf
dusty blue and green
like smoke settled on gum trees after years of ceremonial harvest
falling to leaf litter
puddles (and pools for centipedes)
as centimetres grow
so too does the smell
wet limestone, hurried ants
the air is quiet
thick with liquid
to quench the thirst
of a whole hungry hoard
of trees and wallabies
you can hear the red dirt sing:
as her pores are kissed by gentle summer mist

An added segment for the video:

ever so slowly
the earth moves
the sun emerges
from those tears, a seedling sprouts

loneliness, drought
release, rain
faith, sunshine
creativity, fertility
joy, life

coming soon..

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