Street football skills PRO PLAYERS often use!

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Street football skills professional footballers often use - these are football skills we see both on street football courts and 11-a-side matches! In this video Joltter goes through 3 street football skills that even professional footballers use a lot. The skills might look simple, but they are mainly used in small-sided games, however lots of professional footballers have adopted these football skills into "regular" football aswell. Make sure to watch the full video now to learn 3 street football skills even professional players use on the pitch!
The first skill move in this video is taking the first touch with the sole of your foot. If you ever watch futsal or street football matches, you'll quickly notice the players almost automatically take their first touch with the sole of the foot. This skill is extremely useful in small-sided games as controlling the ball with your sole is easy even when receiving a very powerful pass, and the flat surface of your indoor or street shoes gives you a large, clean surface for great control. Despite being mostly used in street and futsal games, some players out there use this touch in 11-a-side situations aswell - probably due to their history and background in street football environments. The second football skill we go through is the fake shot. Sure, it's not exclusively a street football move, but especially the variation where you roll the ball with the sole of your foot can always be spotted in street football games as you need to get into goal scoring situations in extremely tight spaces. The third and last skill in this video is the toe poke. We've all seen famous toe poke goals such as R9 Ronaldo's goal in the World Cup or Ronaldinho's incredible goal against Chelsea in the Champions League, but the toe poke is actually mainly used in futsal and street football games - simply because it's an extremely effective way to get a quick shot on goal even if you're in a tight situation surrounded by tons of defenders. Watch the full video now for the full breakdown of these 3 street football skills that lots of professional players use on the pitch!

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