3 CROSSES YOU NEES TO LEARN | learn football skills

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3 crosses you need to learn - football skills tutorial. In today's crossing tutorial video, we teach you how to learn 3 crosses that can make a big difference in a match. If you learn how to pull off these 3 crosses, you'll be both dangerous and create a lot of chances when you're playing on the wing, and today, JayMike will teach you 3 different types of crosses that you can use when the situation is right. In other words, you'll learn how to make the normal curve cross, the lofted, chip cross and the low driven cross. Looking at some of the Worlds' finest crossers is a pleasure, and taking cues from Kevin De Bruyne and Trent Alexander-Arnold, we'll take a look at 3 types of crosses you need to learn in today's football skills tutorial.

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